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We embrace our culture of creating the future first, while treating people with respect and having fun along the way. One of the cool things about working at Outwide is we are actively seeking the $100M 'big idea'. We have built a process that identifies and defines your exact input and it's corresponding benefits for bringing the 'big idea' into the company. We will get there soon.

Work Together
The foundation, history and success of Outwide are based on teamwork, both internal and external. We believe in a supportive team culture and strongly discourage "departmental thinking" in our company. We work together with others to create extraordinary teams that will lead us to new levels of growth and success.

Be At Cause
We believe that all employees can proactively influence their work, their work environment and the results they achieve. They are empowered and responsible for creating rewards, results and knowledge for our customers and our company. Voicing their opinions, ideas and feelings to ensure that better ways of doing things are identified and communicated throughout the company.

Respect and Challenge Each Other
We recognize that people are our greatest asset, and that their time and talents should always be respected. We encourage and expect open, honest and direct communications, respectfully challenging others' opinions and assumptions about our business. Stimulating discussion and ideas, and working towards achieving the best results for everyone.

Teach and Learn
Outwide is a "learning organization," where employees create opportunities to be both teacher and student in their day-to-day work. Sharing their knowledge and encouraging others on their team to share ideas. Recognizing their mistakes and sharing them with others to make us all better. Soliciting feedback from those around them on a regular basis and remembering that no one has a monopoly on good ideas.

Have Fun
We believe we can be serious about our work without taking ourselves too seriously. We like to have fun and believe laughter is energizing. Help to create a fun and enthusiastic work environment. Celebrating our successes together and recognizing the achievements of others, large and small. Remembering to take time to pursue passions outside of work.

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