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Chorus uses Notion CMS hosted in the cloud with fail-safe disaster recovery off-shore.

3 web sites and one Repository web site run off the single .net-based CMS instance.

These cater for the three areas of Chorus' business:

  • Public
  • Customers
  • Service Partners

The repository is the fourth 'site' where shared content is created and managed in a single area, but is pushed out to each web site where and when applicable.

Content is dynamically served, PDFs are dynamically generated, content is segmented automatically into 'books' for easy navigation and PDF download, and all the raw information is stored in the central repository.

Behind the scenes, the web application communicates with other applications such as Sales Force CRM to assist with process streamlining.

The web sites are all about to go through a major update, re-skinning them and making them full responsive for use on multiple devices.

Visit the current Chorus web site

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