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Telecom Wholesale

The Wholesale team utilise Notion CMS to maintain their public and secure content on the Telecom Wholesale web site.

Secure content is not stored in a 'traditional' area of the site, but pages are built using a composite of secure and non-secure information, so that if a user is logged in, they will see more content on the same page as someone who is not logged in. This helps to keep information in a single logical area, whether logged in or not.

In addition to this, there is a modular, drag-and-drop, 'My Google' style of members portal area where a user can choose what modules are in their 'My Wholesale' area, and how they are arranged and prioritised.

Telecom Wholesale also utilise Flash Video to show many movies within their web site and these are uploaded and managed via the Notion CMS.

The great team at DNA Design were the design partner on this site.


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