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secure.net.nz provides customers with secure web pages for their websites.

What is secure about secure web pages?

When you use a secure web pages or fill in a form on a secure web page, the conversation between your computer and the website is encrypted. This ensures that only you and the website can see the information you exchange, for example your credit card details.

Why host secure pages on secure.net.nz?

Normally, to provide secure web pages an organisation would need their own secure server. They would also need to obtain their own digital certificate from a Certificate Authority. By hosting secure pages on secure.net.nz our customers can cut costs and get faster results.

Eh? What is a digital certificate? What is a Certificate Authority?

A digital certificate is used by your browser's to verify the website you are visiting is who they say they are. A Certificate Authority is a trusted third party who verifies an organisation's identity before issuing digital certificates. For more information visit Thawte or Verisign.

Can our secure pages look like the rest of our website?

Certainly, you have complete control over the appearance of your secure web pages hosted on secure.net.nz. The secure pages will seamlessly appear as an integral part of your website. The only difference is that when visiting the secure pages, the URL (web address) will change from, e.g. 'www.mycompany.co.nz', to 'secure.net.nz/mycompany/'. (If you what to keep your own domain name at all times, you will need your own secure server, see below).

Who should use secure.net.nz?

The service is designed to appeal to organisations who only need a few secure web pages. The bulk of the organisation's website can be hosted on a regular webserver under their own domain name (e.g. 'www.mycompany.co.nz') and their secure pages (say for credit card transactions) can be hosted on secure.net.nz.

What does it cost to host pages on secure.net.nz?

Websites that are hosted by Outwide can host their secure forms on secure.net.nz at no additional cost. Other organisations who would like to host pages on secure.net.nz should contact business@outwide.com for details, or call Aaron Roydhouse on +64 4 381-6825 to discuss your requirements.

Can I have my own secure website?

Certainly you can. There are some extra costs involved, and the set-up will take a bit longer, but we can help you through the process. Contact business@outwide.com or call Aaron Roydhouse on +64 4 381-6825.

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