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Our aim is to build stunning websites with carefully structured information and logical navigation to ensure a positive user experience and ease of maintenance, as well as clean strong branding to maximise your company's marketing image.

We develop a detailed architecture for your website or web application that fits your business model and incorporates all the content and features you require. We then create a "skeleton" website, ready for content and visual design to be added.

Working closely with our design partners or your design agency, we develop page templates for each different type and level of content which is consistent with your branding.

Our quality assurance includes:

  • Continuous Delivery Framework (including JIRA, Service Desk, Stash GIT and Team City),
  • peer-testing for software bugs and proofing,
  • cross-device and browser testing to ensure compatibility and accessibility (to eGovt / WCAG 2.0 'AA' where required),
  • parser validation for HTML5 with specified grammar, and
  • account manager approval of all work before delivery.
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